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Motivator | Motivator indonesia | Pembicara The early bird catches the worm. Old idiomatic expression since early 16 century. Truer words have rarely been spoken. It is said that flying birds will find their breakfast down to the land. Early mornings, worms are appearing on the surface. Exact time that the early birds will find their favourite meals (although many other species do not eat worms, they prefer fruits) To get the spirit of the early bird, plan from the previous evenings.

Start every night when setting your alarm for the next morning, do an advanced calculus to figure out what time you need to get up. Calculate how much time needed to be ready to go, minus the time it takes to get ready, encountering to active working.

Same job. Same commute. Same struggles. Same relationships. Same hurts. Same challenges. Same conversations. Same arguments. Same. Same. Same. Would you? ‘Wake up, sleeper, rise from the dead!’ as one may read in a scripture.

We’re going through life without much life going through us. Being the first empowered the chances to gain success by maximizing the potential outcome.

True, plan as from tonight that tomorrow morning you would be better in your Business English Communication skills.

Old, but still valid, tip: Plan – Do – Check!

(Ludwig Suparmo; Strategic Communication Specialist)

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